Fort Lauderdale: Florida Cosmopolitan and Chic, Just Feet From The Beach


Fort Lauderdale: Cosmopolitan and Chic, Just Feet From The Beach

When it comes to deciding what to do in Fort Lauderdale, visiting the beach tops the list every time. With over 7 miles of spectacular sandy beaches, Fort Lauderdale offers locals and tourists alike the opportunity for sandy recreation or a premium beach vacation. The beach city itself has a notable wavewall and boasts a classy beachfront promenade where you can find any number of restaurants, shops, cafes and local entertainment. These are just a few of the items that add additional flavor to Fort Lauderdale’s world famous coast. A key highlight that keeps bringing people back to the Fort Lauderdale beach includes its wide open shores that expand for miles which provides the feeling of never feeling over-crowded even with a lot of visitors. Even with so many people visiting throughout the year, it has an atmosphere of cleanliness that includes both the beaches and its water. Since beaches are free, they make a great choice for families and a perfect vacation for kids as there is always something for them to do at the beach. Fort Lauderdale Beach vacations inspire children to be creative, enjoy nature and offer lots of physical activities while being easy on the parents budget and most at the cost of only getting there.

Some of the frequented options for visitors of Fort Lauderdale include:

● Sun Trolley’s and buses that link to the beaches

● The International swimming hall of fame

● Bonnet House Museum & Gardens

● Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

● Sonesta Fort Lauderdale and Hilton Fort Lauderdale beach resorts


For many, Fort Lauderdale Beach is the winner of the best beach in Florida for its cleanliness, ease of access, serene beaches and overall variety for families. Perhaps it will be your choice too. Fort Lauderdale History Officially founded in 1911, Fort Lauderdale is one of the largest cities in Florida. Its name is derived from an 1838 war fortification set up on the ridge of the New River by Major William Lauderdale who managed groups of Tennessee volunteer soldiers on quests to battle Indians and capture lands for farming.

Though none of the forts exist today, Fort Lauderdale goes on to conquer the hearts of beachgoers all year long 24 hours a day. Only a half hours drive from Miami and less than an hour to Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale is located on Florida’s southeast coast. Due to its river and many waterways from the Atlantic, it has earned the nickname of Venice of America. Beach City Fun Now being a world-class beach destination and fully developed resort center, Fort Lauderdale beach offers the best in shopping, dining, and entertainment. Whether you want to participate in a local event, enjoy a peaceful drink at a sidewalk cafe or take the kids to the Las Olas Marina and Fort Lauderdale Aquatics Center, there is something for everyone.

The beach itself provides a number of its own events and attractions while also providing an opportunity to participate in a plethora of beach activities. Everything from parasailing, boating, windsurfing, Almost every beach activity is available in Fort Lauderdale. The list includes activities on both the sand or in the water. Everything from volleyball, bicycling, and rollerblading, to windsurfing, snorkeling, and deep sea fishing to name a few. Those that prefer to relax can sit back can take in the scent of the ocean salty air and feel the gentle breeze while enjoying the stunning views of the coast and the Atlantic Ocean.

Safety is a priority in Fort Lauderdale and it’s beaches, with its two-mile stretch of sand being supervised by Fort Lauderdale Ocean Rescue. This also includes various stationed lifeguard towers and full-time lifeguards. Building a world-class Beach City Fort Lauderdale Beach used to be a popular destination for seasonal tourists and those on holiday breaks. However, after more than a decade of new and improved developments, Fort Lauderdale Beach has become one of the worlds best beach destinations and beach resort hotspots for families and groups looking for fun in the sun any time of the year.

In the past, Fort Lauderdale held the image of being a Spring Break beach or a popular location mainly devoted to young adults and college students looking for a giant beach party. Partygoers from around the world would flock to Fort Lauderdale beach for Spring Break. But in the 1980’s the city of Fort Lauderdale decided it was time to grow up and change its image from a hot spot for the drunken madness to a place where all could enjoy what they believed to be the most amazing beach in Florida. The first change to make this possible was made by outlawing alcohol in public and on the beaches.


Next, the city was granted almost 50 Million US Dollars to improve the quality of the city and the redevelop of Fort Lauderdale with more than half of this money went towards the improvement of Fort Lauderdale Beach. This was in 1986 and marked a time of a true rebirth. More than 30 years later, people have noticed the improvements and Fort Lauderdale Beach is now a world-class beach vacation destination. This major development is what put Fort Lauderdale Beach on the world map not as a Spring Break escape but as world-class beach resort hot spot. Those that visit Fort Lauderdale now can see the finished product and enjoy the benefits of its completely redesigned A1A highway along the coast. But these changes didn’t only go to making a beach road-trip amazing with scenic views of the Atlantic ocean. There were also numerous improvements for pedestrians too, making it easier to walk around, see the sights and this included adding a full-featured promenade lined with palm trees.

Arguably the most remarkable addition to Fort Lauderdale was the creation of a beautiful 2-mile long wall centered along the beach, called the wave wall. Since its arrival, it has become the Eiffel tower of Fort Lauderdale attracting both residents and visitors from around the world. Thanks to the teamwork provided by the city, locals, and companies that invested into Fort Lauderdale Beach, people the world over can enjoy this gorgeous beach and friendly atmosphere all year long. Although Fort Lauderdale is no longer the Spring Break Mecca that it was in the 1980’s, there are still parties and places like Fat Tuesdays Bar to splurge on alcoholic mystery concoctions. However, the vibe is more for everyone these days and Fort Lauderdale is now a great place for families too. Beach Views Take a drive or an adventurous stroll down Ocean Boulevard if you want to enjoy an impressive and scenic view of the Atlantic. This is where you come if you want to WOW someone or just to enjoy the hard work the city of Fort Lauderdale has applied to its city and beach.


The views are many and the feeling is mutual for all visitors that want to experience what a beach is supposed to look and feel like. It’s picture perfect views and classic along the ocean trips provide a consistently clean view and experience. This cleanliness extends throughout the Fort Lauderdale beach to include the sidewalks, water, and sand.

The People

Although Fort Lauderdale Beach offers a large expansive coastline and rarely will you ever feel crowded, it still attracts an upbeat and active crowd of visitors. Want to set up camp at a cafe and people watch? Go for it as the amount of variety that pours into Fort Lauderdale Beach is also what gives it much of its flavor. This is also still where the young in-crowd goes to be part of the scene and mix with both locals and families from around the globe. Local high-schoolers can be found along the wavewall having a meetup with friends as a family from California strolls along the beach for their annual beach holiday. There are also many full-sized dedicated sport and fitness locations (outdoor gym, volleyball and basketball courts) inviting to stay active and fit.

Walking about

Walking along the beach is made possible with ample sidewalks and a famous wave wall is low enough to sit on making this the perfect place to stroll, hang out or meet up with friends. The wall doesn’t just serve as a place to rest but provides an iconic great looking addition to Fort Lauderdale Beach that all can visit. This 2-mile stretch and promenade is part of the strip that runs along the A1A roadway. Here you will find five-star restaurants and hotels along with a number of bars and other attractions. Start and End your beach vacation in style If you are looking for a beach in Florida with pristine sand, clear water and a friendly local vibe void of the chaos seen in popular Miami Beach, then Fort Lauderdale Beach could be the best beach choice for your coastal adventures in Florida.


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