Playalinda: Florida Space Coast Beach Perfection


Playalinda: Florida Space Coast Beach Perfection

Summer. It is the time when all the private and public beaches are usually bursting with persons from all walks of life who are only trying to enjoy the majestic view of the sea and listen to the relaxing wave sound gently slapping the rocks. Nonetheless, it is usually not possible to have as much fun as possible without colliding with someone because it is as if everyone goes down to the beach. During such times is when you wish your bank account had extra zeros as you could enjoy your summer or vacation peacefully. Fortunately, you do not always need a six-figure income to enjoy the tranquil environment created by the sea waves as they hit the white sand while at the same time sunbathing as there are some remote beaches which offer you at a relatively low fee and one of them is Orlando Florida beach Playalinda. We are going to take you through the goodness of this remote treasure so that your next summer can be unforgettable.
Situated on the Canaveral National Seashore on Florida’s east coast, Orlando Florida beach Playalinda is a precious gift to many surfers both locals and even the tourists due to its offshore winds which cause the wind to break more slowly and cleanly hence creating a better surfing shape. It is also perfect for beginners thanks to its sandy seabed. Before we dive in deeper, the name Playalinda has a Spanish origin, and it means beautiful beach. The beach lies on a long undeveloped stretch and is short of amenities, but that does not make it irrelevant. Playa Linda is a public beach so always keep the safety of those who accompany you in mind as there are no lifeguards who will help you when something happens. Although it is a famous beach and tends to attract hordes of surfers and fishers who boast lifesaving skills that do not mean you be clumsy.

It also has no rinse off showers which leaves you with two options, carry lotion or go home looking like someone who just climbed out of sand mine due to the salty water of the sea. Also when packing your snacks, do not forget to bring a lot of drinking water, soap and a hand sanitizer if you do not want to end up taking an extremely salty piece of pizza. It has toilets in each parking lot so all you need when you need some you time, is yourself and a lot of snacks and you are good to go. Also, there are two parking lots on the far end of the beach which allow you to be in your body suit hence taking your alone time a notch higher. These two lots are usually out of the public portion. However, it is much fun if you tag your friends along as the more people, the merrier it will be as you can engage in games and also learn to surf together. The entrance fee is only five dollars per car.
During summer, the Orlando Florida beach Playalinda is usually open from six A.M to eight in the evening while during winter it is accessible from six to six. There are thirteen parking lots which are quite spacious as they are spread over six miles towards the northern side. You should, however, make sure you mark where you parked your car as you may end up running in circles when many other people come. All the parking lots except the ones on the thirteenth lot have pavements. Also, the road from this lot is rough maybe that is in a bid to discourage people from going there. If you have an adventurous spirit, then you are not in luck as hiking or bicycle riding is not allowed. Fortunately, it is spacious enough, and there is plenty of room for everyone hence congestion is the last thing you will have to stress on while you are on this pristine beach.

Enjoying the waves at Playalinda
Each access to the seashore has a set of stairs and a wooden dune walkover which allow you to get to the seaside comfortably. The management does not discriminate and ensures that even the disabled can have fun in summer through the provision of beach wheelchairs. Nonetheless, it is essential that you make inquiries in advance to ensure their availability. Also, they are not self-propelled, so you should not let your loved one with physical disabilities go on their own. If you are the kind of person who never leaves your pet behind, sorry because Fido will have to stay at home or the hotel as pets are prohibited. Also, you cannot make any picnic shelters, tables or carry glass items with you. Reason being, it is a public beach, and when you set up tents, you may end up leaving them behind or leaving broken pieces of glass on the shore hence putting not only the human population at risk of stepping on them but also the marine life. However, there is not much frisking done at the entrance as metal detecting is not allowed on National beaches. Moving back to the appearance of the seashore, it sand boast a beautiful light brown color which is as a result of the tiny snail shell fragments which when they mix with the quartz sand crystals you end up with that exotic hue. This combined with the majestic dunes, offers you the ideal photo shoot location. So if you are photogenic, ensure you carry your best camera with you and keep the memories alive through the camera lens. Photographers are a common sight here so if you do not own a camera, remember that they got your back. It is also home to a diverse array of marine life and birds thus if you come across a group of birders, don’t be astonished as they are too another group which you will find here often. Another group of people that usually frequents Playa Linda includes the beachcombers and also the idle ones who are a common sight on every public beach. As there is no security, be on the lookout for your personal belongings and make sure you keep your car doors and windows locked.
Apart from the recreational benefits which Playalinda brings, the island on which it lies on also boasts some geographical advantages. For instance, it provides an essential barrier and protects Florida against tropical hurricanes as it usually absorbs the initial force of the waves and the wind from the storms. It also prides itself on being unique because unlike ordinary barrier islands which typically have primary and secondary dunes; it only has one. It is structured as a thin ribbon of sand and when you take pictures using a drone or from a high point of elevation; you end up with a breathtaking view of the entire Playalinda.

Like stated earlier, Orlando Florida beach Playalinda is in a very remote area and getting there is no walk in the park. Below are directions to assist you in case you are a newbie here.
Take the S.R 528 route which goes across the state and towards the famous Cocoa Beach, then take the 1-95 interstate course which heads north to Titusville. Take the 406 state road and exit at Titusville. Head downtown and onto the Titusville causeway and cross the bridge to merit island. From here let the signs guide you and do not try to divert as you may end up getting lost. Instead, follow them through Merritt islands national wildlife refuge to your destination which is Playalinda. There is a ranger at the gate to whom you pay the fee and also if you are unsure of anything he will easily clarify.
We could go on and on about Orlando Florida beach Playalinda, but there are also other public beaches in Florida which may come in handy during summer such as Apollo. We have put together a list of differences between the two, so we can help you chose according to the one which you deem more convenient depending on your location or needs.• Orlando Florida beach Playalinda is in Brevard County, and you get to it by passing through Titusville and the Merritt Island national wildlife refuge in Cape Canaveral area while Apollo beach is in Volusia County and is easily accessible through New Smyrna Beach• Even though Apollo is also held in a remote location on the far south of New Smyrna beach, Playalinda is way more remote and if you have never been there the directions are enough proof. However, the two are a bit adjacent to each other with the only thing separating them being Klondike beach which lies on a twenty miles stretch of land. Klondike is not frequented and is just an empty wilderness
There are no better words to describe Orlando Florida beach Playalinda than referring to it as a serene wilderness with an impeccable nickel silver horizon lining and a sea with gentle, relaxing waves.


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