Breakers Oceanfront Park: Clean, Pristine Beach and Boardwalk Fun Close to Orlando


Breakers Oceanfront Park: Clean, Pristine Beach and Boardwalk Fun Close to Orlando

While each of the beaches near Orlando are kid-friendly, perhaps none are more so than Breakers Oceanfront Park. This fairly new park, which opened to the public back in 2008, is a part of the Daytona Beach community. Residing over 2.5 acres, it is just south of Main Street Pier and plays host to many kid-friendly activities. What makes Breakers Oceanfront Park a top choice for those looking for the closest beach to Disney World, is the park’s Environmental Learning Center. Combined with history markers throughout the park, the Environmental Learning Center makes Breakers Oceanfront Park one of the more educational experiences at Orlando beaches. So let’s take a look at all those great amenities the closest beach to Orlando has to offer!

Unique Boardwalk

Seeing as Breakers Oceanfront Park is the newest of the beaches near Disney World, it has a completely different feel than many of the other Orlando beaches. The centerpiece of this modern park’s entrance is its huge metal, arch-shaped doors painted in a light blue hue. They are further accentuated by the white pillars along the pathway leading up to the doors. While it’s an updated feel to the typical beach town look, the color choices are a tasteful nod to nautical history. Make sure to snap a picture by these impressive doors!

Environmental Learning Center

Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you should lose your sense of wonder. Expand your loved ones’ minds by exploring the quaint Environmental Learning Center at Breakers Oceanfront Park. The Environmental Learning Center is open 10:00 am to 5:00 pm daily. You can even rent the Center for a party. So, be sure to contact them beforehand if that sounds like a fun plan for your trip to Orlando beaches.

Seasonal Splash Pad

Sometimes your little ones need a little change of scenery. Instead of waves crashing in front of them, let the water shoot out from under them! Breakers Oceanfront Park hosts a seasonal splash pad. Many streams of water shoots up from below, guaranteeing a chorus of happy giggles.

Get Physical

Nothing makes for a better day at the closest beach to Disney World than some good beach volleyball. Volleyball nets are set up on the sand and are open for all from dusk until dawn. You can also enjoy a nice bike ride to the beach. There are plenty of bike racks available for you to lock up your means of transportation.


More Fun Within a Walk

The best part about going on a vacation to Orlando beaches is that the fun doesn’t end at the park. Need a warm-up or cool-down from Disney World? There’s a small amusement park within walking distance of Breakers Oceanfront Park!


Not to mention, you can find a ton of restaurants, novelty shops, and pubs around the beach. You can easily spend a few hours poking around stores and grabbing a bite here and there. What’s great is that there’s street-metered parking that will cover all of this area. So, if you do decide to leave the beach, you don’t have to worry about moving your car off of the property.

Beautiful Beach

Breakers Oceanfront Park is a well-maintained beach with white sand and light, fun waves. It’s one of the best shorelines to walk on for beaches near Orlando. To make the stroll that much more enjoyable, there are history markers throughout the park. These markers discuss not only the area currently known as Breakers Oceanfront Park but they delve into the history of Daytona Beach as well. This continued nourishment for the mind solidifies Breakers Oceanfront Park’s commitment to making education fun.



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