St Pete Beach: Award Winning Beach Beauty and Fun Near Orlando and Tampa


St Pete Beach: Award Winning Beach Beauty and Fun Near Tampa and Orlando

St Petersburg and St Pete Beach On the Gulf of Florida’s coast in Pinellas County and inside Tampa Bay you will find St. Petersburg and St. Pete’s Beach city. This unique location on the eastern edge of the United States offers a cozy and consistent weather pattern making it a popular place to visit for outdoor activities and award-winning beach bliss. St. Pete’s all-year sun has earned it the nickname of Sunshine City.

Visitors from around the world and locals alike enjoy a year-round beach and a host of day options like golfing, fishing and boating.

St. Pete Beach community

The vibe at St. Pete Beach is a bit calmer than the popular beaches of Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Great for the laid-back beach dweller but also offers enough activity to satisfy more active lifestyles.

Originally called St. Petersburg Beach, the name was shortened to just St. Pete’s Beach so that it wouldn’t be confused with the actual city of St. Petersburg. St. Pete’s Beach (often known as Gulf Beaches) and its community is only a few miles west of St. Petersburg where it occupies the entire barrier island of Long Key. It is only about a half an hour’s drive from the nearby cities of St. Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa. Both St. Petersburg and Tampa have an International airport that acts as an intersection for millions of visitors from the United States, Canada, Europe and other countries as they enter into Florida.


St. Petes Beach offers many miles of beautiful coastline and ivory sand beaches along with a plethora of places to satisfy shopping desires, restaurants to curve the appetite and plenty of options for your amusement. The sun shines in St. Pete’s Beach all year long. This always sunny weather attracts many winter tourists and provides a great place to live for local residents. It is considered by many to be one of the most gratifying places in the United States to live and vacation in. Interesting to note is that nearly 30% of its community are seasonal residents with an additional home or homes elsewhere in the world. It’s not uncommon for visitors to fall in love with St. Pete beach and end up extending their stay.

One of the best ways to enjoy the clear and warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico is to dip your toes into the sugary colored sands of St. Pete Beach and walk your way to the coastline of the Atlantic coast. With more than 360 days of sun coating the beach, you are almost guaranteed to get great weather for any beach adventure at St. Pete Beach.


What to do in St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach meets the needs of the laid-back beach tourist, entertainment/attraction seekers and action-oriented adventurers alike. The coastal shores of St. Pete Public Beaches include the longest expanse of undeveloped beach in America.

Those that visit the waterfront park can also visit the famous Dali museum which features surrealist works of art. Anyone looking for historical and modern art can visit the Museum of Fine Arts. And for those with more auditory tastes can visit the home of the Florida Orchestra at Mahaffey Theater. There is a 1917 Historical museum set inside an old church where you can purchase memorabilia, postcards, and souvenirs.

Activities on the water include but are certainly not limited to parasailing, paddleboarding, kiteboarding, windsurfing, swimming and other ways to make creative use of the surf. Looking for one of the best places in America to walk along the beach with some solitude and yet still be able to move your feet to a hopping beat at night? St. Pete’s beach community offers a well-balanced environment for a leisure vacation or a more active escape. Rise with the sun and take a stroll in the morning along the coast as you start your day and then hop through the tiki beach bars at night.

Locals and Tourists mix it up in the downtown district and heart of St. Petes beach located on Corey Avenue which offers entertainment, shopping, restaurants and a variety of bars. It’s easy to spend half the day visiting the plethora of specialty stores, places to eat, and art galleries just in the Correy Avenue area alone. St. Pete Beach residents have access to public pool, parks and community centers. There is even a five-story-high dining and shopping center called The Pier.

One of the iconic places to visit in St. Pete’s Beach is the historical 1928 landmark Hotel of Don CeSar. This pink architecturally grand hotel resort hangs over the shore of St. Pete’s Beach.

The beaches of St. Petersburg alone offer days of possible activities. But for those with more time and that don’t mind short road trips, they can explore the museums, entertainment venues, and districts of St. Pete’s neighboring cities. Getting around St. Pete Florida The town provides public transportation that is both safe and clean as well as a Beach Trolley that travels throughout the area offering easy access and sightseeing.

From St. Petes Beach and Long Key island, travelers have easy access with connections and bridges to the following three hot spots:

Treasure Island

South Pasadena

Bayway Isles

Or escape the island by boat to Shell Key where turtles and seabirds nest.


Tourists can also travel to one of the nearby cities like St. Petersburg, Orlando, Clearwater or Tampa for additional attractions.

Where to stay in St. Pete Beach

With more than 3,500 places available to stay at, visitors to St. Pete Beach have many options to choose from for their accommodation. Everything from world-class Five Star Resorts and Hotels to popular motel chains is abundant and available.

For a more private stay, people can also rent out personal lodgings in a condominium or apartment.

In addition to modern places to stay, there are also a number of places to camp and be in the outdoors.


What to eat at St. Pete

Beach Seafood is usually on the menu in St. Pete Beach restaurants. Due to its location in the Gulf, restaurants are quickly stocked with a surplus of fish, including the popular snapper and grouper. These Gulf-to-grill restaurants are plentiful and ready to serve the fresh fish catch of the day to those fresh off the beach.

Brief History of St. Pete Beach

In 1957 the city of St. Petersburg Beach was a conglomerate formed of the towns Don CeSar, Pass-a-Grille, Belle Vista and St. Petersburg Beach. Later in 1994, its name was changed from St. Petersburg Beach to just St. Pete Beach to decrease the confusion created between the island location and the actual mainland city St. Petersburg which is a few miles to the east. The St. Pete Beach community is now a combination of tourists, business owners, and families to make up a vibrant and thriving Florida beach city.

When will you visit?

Members of TripAdvisor voted St. Pete Beach as one of the top 10 beaches in the United States coming in at number seven on their list for 2018. With millions visiting St. Pete Beach, the reviews are in and this laid-back Florida Beach tops the charts with its majestically wide and white sandy beaches. When you visit St. Pete Beach, you will understand why so many before you have considered this the best place for their beach vacation. Some like it so much that they decide to never leave or purchase a seasonal home for winter vacations.


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