The Best Restaurants in Cocoa Beach

Best restaurants in cocoa beach

When it comes to Orlando’s closest beach there is a wide range of food options. From the fast and easy to the elegant and sophisticated, there is something for everyone. As the closest beach to Disney World, Cocoa Beach is not far from truly impeccable and high-class dining, which means that a few restaurants in the area really pull out all the stops. With the ocean just steps away from every restaurant, this is where you will find some of the freshest seafood in the state.

The Fat Snook

This is the restaurant for those who want something that is elegant, intimate and perfect for a special occasion. The meals are far from cheap, but as they say you get what you pay for. The food is made with only the freshest ingredients and you’ll be able to taste all the rich flavors of each extravagant dish. Service is unmatched at The Fat Snook and through your meal you’ll get to know your server and you will not want for anything. If you want to visit the closest beach to Orlando for a special occasion this is the restaurant that you want to stop at for dinner, just be sure to call ahead for a reservation.

Jazzy’s Mainely Lobster and Seafood

If you are visiting Orlando’s closest beach to spend time at the beach then you’ll want to stop at Jazzy’s. This place is right across the street from Lori Wilson Park (which is a great place to park and visit the beach) and offers fantastically fresh seafood at affordable prices. It might seem a bit strange eating at a place named after Maine lobster at the closest beach to Disney World but it’s definitely worth it. The most popular item on the menu is the lobster roll. For anyone that loves lobster, it is a must try.

Fat Kahunas

Small seems to be key when it comes to the best restaurants in Cocoa Beach. The closest beach to Orlando offers a few spectacular restaurants but most require a reservation to get a table. Fat Kahunas is no exception but it is worth planning ahead. Expertly prepared dishes paired with unparalleled service make this small restaurant a place to visit. From appetizer to desert each dish ends up better than the last and you’ll leave wondering when you can come back. The best part is that the price is reasonable for a beach front restaurant and the place is very family friendly.

Photo: Rusty Clark


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