Pass-A-Grille Beach: Beautiful Surf and Sand Close to Orlando and Tampa


Pass-A-Grille Beach: Beautiful Surf and Sand Close to Orlando and Tampa



If you are looking for a day trip to one of the best beaches near Orlando, you might want to venture out to Pass-A-Grille Beach. Situated on the southernmost part of St. Pete Beach, Pass-A-Grille is not exactly the closest beach to Orlando or the closest beach to Disney World. However, Pass-A-Grille is one of the most active beach communities and well worth the trip. So if you’re looking for beautiful sunsets, fun on the water, and delicious food, don’t pass up the opportunity to check out Pass-A-Grille Beach. Let’s take a look why this destination spot is near the top of the list as one of the best Orlando beaches.

Go on an Eco-Tour

One of the greatest parts about vacationing on beaches near Orlando is that there’s no shortage of activities to do on the water. Being less than two hours away, Pass-A-Grille Beach is the closest beach to Disney World to offer a wide array of fun and informative eco-tours.


Hop onto the local Island Ferry to partake in a variety of family-friendly activities. During the daytime, join in on a dolphin-watching tour. Dolphins like to play in the waves created by the Island Ferry passing by. So be sure to laugh and snap selfies in delight when these friendly mammals jump up and say “hi.”


Want to get in the water and meet some of the marine life? Try some snorkeling on for size. Let the Island Ferry take you to hot spots where fish unique to Orlando beaches are plentiful.


Lastly, hop aboard the Shell Key Shuttle for an ultimate eco-tour experience that you can’t get at any of the other beaches near Orlando. In a short boat ride, take in the sights of Shell Key, a small barrier island near Pass-A-Grille. Once on Shell Key, keep an eye out for rare shoreline birds nesting. This makes for some great photo opportunities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Go Fishing

What makes Pass-A-Grille a top choice when picking the closest beach to Orlando to visit is that there are plenty of fishing opportunities there. Taking a charter is the most convenient way for people who are vacationing on Orlando beaches to go fishing. That’s because you don’t have to worry about getting a Saltwater or Freshwater fishing license, which is required for fishing in the state of Florida.  Instead, vacationers onboard charters ride on the Captain’s license.


All you need to do is relax. Hop aboard the Miss Pass-A-Grille and let the captain take charge. Once in open water, it is time to get your deep-sea fishing on. The warm Atlantic waters play host to a number of groupers, snappers, and sea bass. Just be sure to stop at the Merry Pier and get some tackle before taking off on your voyage!

Fun Beach Community

Pass-A-Grille is more than just fun in the sun and water sports. This is a very active beach community. You can spend an entire day walking around the boardwalk and poking through various boutique shops.


Not to mention, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from that boast fresh caught fish. Have a sweet tooth? Check out some of the best homemade ice cream shops in all the Orlando beaches such as Uncle Andy’s and Paradise Sweets.

Amazing Sunsets

Perhaps the biggest perk of day tripping at one of the closest beaches to Disney World is that you get free entertainment in the form of a gorgeous sunset. After all, is there anything more synonymous with the Sunshine State than an awe-inspiring sunset?


When you’re in Pass-A-Grille there isn’t a bad seat in the house if you’re looking to take in the picturesque colors of a Florida sunset painting the sky. Whether you decide to hop on a charter for a sunset cruise, take a stroll on the boardwalk, lay on Pass-A-Grille’s sandy shoreline, or eat on the rooftop of a restaurant like the Hurricane Seafood Restaurant, be sure to have your camera ready. At Pass-A-Grille Beach, you can capture the beauty of Orlando beaches (and their sunsets) no matter where you are!



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